Volleyball Training Equipment

Volleyball is a very intensive sport and needs plenty of practice to grow in the game.

Particularly when you are a beginner, to develop and master the skills of the game, the right VOLLEYBALL TRAINING EQUIPMENT can be of a lot of help.

They are equally used by coaches and other players to improve their game skills and efficiency.

volleyball training equipment

It is essential to understand the need of training equipment to purchase it. The training equipment is designed such that you can get a grip over the game efficiently and quickly.


* It helps in your game training at convenience. Each training equipment gives you an edge over a particular skill of the game.

* It saves you from any kind of game injuries and learns to prevent them during the game.

* You can use the training equipment on your own and as a single volleyball player.

* The equipment is designed such that the innate techniques of the game are mastered.

* You can strengthen your game and yourself. It offers the ability to handle a volleyball game without the equipment eventually.

* The equipment is a huge plus as a beginner and can be considered as a must-have training aid.

* The training equipment enables not only players but also coaches to provide techniques to master their players in the game efficiently.

* The training equipment helps in handling the ball, it’s timing, its power, pace, the zone of ball hits, spiking, arm swings, and several other volleyball skills.

Different training equipment work as training-aid for defensive and offensive positions.

Below we will take a look at various volleyball training equipment for players and coaches.



All through the playing season, jump training is imperative when it comes to this sport. Some coaches keep the jump training separate while others like to blend with other training practices naturally.

Plyometric exercises in Volleyball are included to assist players in moving quickly and handling the moves efficiently on the court. It helps the players to enhance their jumps vertically.

A jump training tool assists coaches in understanding each player’s vertical jump and their standing reach. This tool provides a target that has to be reached for gaining on vertical jumps.

It lets you track the progress. This equipment is available in patented and wall-mounted designs.


NET TRAINING TOOLS/EQUIPMENT volleyball training equipment

Coaches use a volleyball net for defensive and offensive positions. Net tapes permit the coaches to divide the net depending on the ball hits. Top net tapes are used to zone the net into setting zones, hitting zones, defensive zones, and serving zones.

This equipment helps the players to their visual aims to get better learning on the ball throw. These come in different colors for setting different zones and practice zone-centric drills.



These boxes come in different sizes. This box assists coaches in standing at the height of the net and in being able to hit from variable angles at players. This provides a block without any need for jumping.

These boxes are non-slip platforms to permit coaches to be safe and balanced during their drill coaching. The players also can use it to get a new perspective of the court. These are portable and space-efficient.

These help coaches to operate their drills efficiently. There are standard sizes of 18″ and 24″ tall coach boxes.



These equipment help the player in practicing the technique of swing motion of volleyball. Toss the volleyball as much as you want and develop your skills in serving a volleyball. This equipment comes with a long cord connected to a waist belt.

The elastic cord is adjustable and related to volleyball. The cord keeps the ball connected without any need to run behind the ball to pick it up each time. Each time the ball is tossed, it comes back to you due to the elastic cord.

It is all-fit sized equipment. Cord length should be right and of good quality for long sustenance. This equipment is hence time-saving, flexible, and adjustable to any waist size. This is ideal for volleyball beginners to practice on their own.


This training equipment enhances the power and speed of hitting the ball. This improves your timing and pace of hit. The cord is linked to a strap in your hands and feet.

homemade volleyball training equipment The elastic cord ends are connected to the large hooks to make sure it doesn’t disassociate during the play/practice. It can be attached to another solid surface, in case you do not want to attach it to your hands and feet.


These training aids strengthen your game by improving your arm swings. It warms up your arm. A volleyball Pall is worn around the waist with a stretchable cord along with a pouch to wrap the ball.


These kits usually have a cord, strap, finger sleeves, and a pouch. The finger sleeves is provided to prevent any kind of finger injuries, compression to minimize buffering.

They enhance finger grip, are light, and stretchable. The cord is elastic and stretchable to a reasonable length for optimum training and practice. A rebounded permits ball hits infinite times without any need to pick.

These equipment are often used for bumping, setting, blocking, and serving of the volleyball. They make great training equipment for beginners.

They help you improve the skills of touching, passing, and controlling the volleyball. These kits offer you all the tools to start and practice your volleyball to get efficient at necessary volleyball skills.


Now that we know the importance of VOLLEYBALL TRAINING EQUIPMENT, this training equipment is a good purchase for any volleyball player or an enthusiast.

This will give them an edge over the game by teaching them techniques of arm swings, aiming, spiking, and other volleyball skills.

The best thing is you can use them on your own and as a coach to enhance your player’s skills. Based on which skill you want to improve, the respective training equipment can be taken to get a grip on that skill.

There are different training equipment available that are high in quality and efficient in training.