Table Tennis Training


Table Tennis Training

Ping pong aspirants still at the learning stage can utilize table tennis training equipment to strengthen their skills incredibly. Table tennis is a popular game worldwide that strongly relies on the player’s speed for proper mastering.

How fast you time the tennis ball and spin requires a more rigorous and dedicated practice to master this interesting game. Really not that your friends, coworkers, or relatives will always be there to train with you, especially during the initial training stages, which requires more time and preparation.

With a robust and complete table tennis practicing devices, mastering tricks necessary to know ping pong and outshining other players won’t be a hassle. These equipment comprise pin pong balls, ball gripping net, automated trainers, ball picker, performance display systems, and many others.

Available tennis equipment varies depending on the design, brand, mechanism, and type of exercise.


Table Tennis Training

Table tennis needs proper coordination. If you want to master ping pong well, you need to know how to move your body and incorporate that move to hit the ball. Training alone will deny you the chance of mastering coordination well, plus its boring performing ping pong drills solo.

You’ll need a table and a partner. The good news is that human partners aren’t the only alternatives to train with; you can procure robot ping pong equipment to act as your partner. So, are you ready to train ping pong alone at home?

Below are an example of robust table tennis training equipment you can utilize during solo-practices;


Using a partner during ping pong drills is great, but what will you do if that partner isn’t around, you’ll not play? Not training doesn’t look like a very good idea; utilizing robots can be more useful and rewarding than you’ll ever imagine.

Thanks to technology, you can procure any robot with the specifications, design, and other features you want. You’ll only need a tennis table and your robot to have all the fun and time you want to practice.

Practicing with a human partner can sometimes be annoying, especially when you want to play and they have fixed schedules. Utilizing ping pong robots doesn’t give you a limit of how long you can practice; whenever you ready, your robot will always be there to serve you.

Table Tennis Training

Procuring the best robot can be daunting, especially if you’ve never bought one. Here are the most crucial aspects to consider when procuring table tennis robots;

● Oscillatory capabilities- preferable ones should have modifiable or random range oscillation.

● Calibration

● Modifiable waiting time

● Modifiable speed, rate, multiple rotations, and shots.

●installation and usage instructions

●pre-set movements and exercises.

Ping pong robots are essential for practicing spinning techniques, footwork drills, establishing playing speed and coordination, enjoying ping pong, and mastering other important skills. Some of the finest table tennis robots are:

a. Robo-pong

Robo-pong is a robust training robot capable of handling more than forty balls at a go and an extender cage able to hold at least 200 balls. Its ball speed, oscillation, and rates are adjustable. It also has several rotations and shots.

b. iPong robot

iPong is a Chinese product with very interesting and exclusive features. It has a wireless controller and display for a fast and stress-free control setting. You can adjust the ball movement rate from 1-8 or side to side, and its price is affordable.

It allows both back and to spins, shot selection, oscillation, and can handle more than 100 balls at a go.

c. HUI-PANG 07

This product is one of the finest ping pong robots in the market for its price. Really fast and easy to assemble. It also supports back, side, and top spins, a feature important for training ball returning techniques. Really efficient to anyone, whether an apprentice or a professional.

d. Butterfly Amicus

This robot comes with an android tablet and a net. Although it’s a bit expensive, its totally worth it, especially for professional practices. Controlling it is quite easy than most robots; it utilizes an application that you can connect wirelessly through Bluetooth and adjust settings from anywhere you like.

Other exclusive features are; 20-set replaceable drills, several spins and shot sets, carry bag and good oscillatory capabilities.


Table Tennis Training

●Robots can help you enhance your ping pong skills without using an instructor or partner.

● It also gives you the playing experience you can get when playing with a human partner, ranging from speed, timing, spins, and many more.


The merits of using ping pong robots outweigh the disadvantages by far. Example of theses disadvantages include;

● Most advanced robots have high prices, making it hard for aspirants and semi-professions to procure.

● Many best models aren’t available for the public.

● a human instructor is better than a robot in some way.


Balls pack is an essential table tennis training device for any person practicing this game. Balls help you to learn the proper timing and impact necessary for strokes. Other than practicing, you can use the balls for other recreational purposes.

The balls are also suitable for both outside and inside settings and are available in various colors. For example, the iPong balls pack; it comprises 100balls, yellow, and all suitable for indoor and outdoor environs.

Each ball weighs around 454g with dimensions of 9.5X8X6 inches. Anyone worldwide can procure these balls form various online stores like Amazon, at an affordable price and fee.


Table Tennis Training

This net is essential during training to prevent balls from straying from the playing table. Using a ball-capturing net will allow you to train well without the need to move away from your table.

Fixing the net on your table isn’t much of a hassle. An example of this net is the Kenley Powerfly net. Kenley nets are sturdy, perfectly fitted, advanced shelf life, resistant to wear and tear, and superb performance.


After a practice session, you’ll need something to help you gather your balls across the table. Now, this is when the ball picker comes in. An example of a nice light ball picker is the GKI pickers. It has a compact design made from a strong aluminum rod and a 26X19x20 cm net. It offers a strong grip too.


Solo ping pong training can be boring and infective if you don’t know the right tactics and table tennis training equipment to utilize. It’s very crucial to work on your lower body’s physical strength and timing precision to be a good table tennis player.

Working on your lower body’s strength will enhance your stroke power and coordination ability. Always remember to choose your table tennis training device correctly by looking at their features keenly and deciding on what can deliver the maximum results on the skill you’re lacking.