Ice Hockey Training Equipment for Youth

In the past, it was a fact that ice hockey players used to train on the ice entirely, and off-ice training was not an option. However, the situation has changed completely at present and ice hockey training includes dry land training as well.

The most important reasons for doing this will be to develop agility and speed, build muscle mass, increase stamina, and also avoid injuries.

In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned some of the most essential ice hockey training equipment for youth that will help to enhance the skills of the players significantly.


hockey training equipment While training off the ice, perhaps the most essential equipment which a hockey player can have will be a shooting and stick handling pad.

In case you do not practice your shooting and stick handling while you are not in the rink, it will not be possible for you to get anywhere near your actual potential.

Virtually every NHL player will be asserting how they practice shooting hundreds of pucks every single day or how they spend a considerable amount of time stick handling at their residences. It actually helps you to master those essential skills.


While you are training at your residence, it will not be possible for you to have somebody to pass you pucks. For this reason, a passing aid will be a fantastic hockey training equipment to possess in your training kit.

It is possible for these rebounders or passing aids to work on as well as off the ice which helps to make them appropriate for your driveway out there.

While shooting pucks, a passing aid will help you to dish one-timers, and while you are trying to make your stick handling perfect it will be a fantastic tool for receiving passes and also work on making passes.

Although a passing aid is not imperative for the hockey players out there, it will definitely provide you with an advantage over the other players.


This piece of ice hockey training equipment is imperative for every single hockey player who wants to improve shooting at their own residence.

hockey training equipment Make certain to combine the hockey net with a shooting pad such that you will be able to resemble closely what it is like shooting the puck on the ice.

Make it a point to purchase a net featuring a backstop around it which would help you to prevent losing your pucks and also damaging any object behind it.


Although it is not imperative equipment that you must have, it is something which is nice to have while working on stick handling.

Although one might prefer stick handling in and out of the pucks for lots of drills, you will come across some drills that can be performed with the help of a stick handling training aid.

In case your budget is limited, it will be advisable for you to prepare a stick handling training aid on your own simply by drilling some broken hockey sticks together to pucks.


These are another piece of equipment which is easily transportable and will enable you to train indoors easily.

The 5-Dot drills have been around for quite some time mainly because it does work.

Including agility dots into the workout plan of any player will help him considerably particularly if he’s struggling with “quick feet” skill expression.


These boards will enable any player to increase the quality of their training to a higher level.

A slide board will enable any player to perform his conditional training and speed training in such a way that it forces him to maintain his bent posture position which is extremely sport-specific to the mechanics of skating which he would use on the ice.

Apart from helping him to perform the action, it will also make it absolutely unique as well as beneficial in the long run.

hockey training equipment

The trainer will be getting conditioning training as well as speed training simultaneously while his body will be forced for recruiting the appropriate force patterns plus muscle sequences which he would be using on ice.

It is something which will not be feasible on any regular “cardio equipment” at the fitness center.

Besides this, the slide board will likewise enable the hockey player to work the extensor muscles of his lower body along with the adductors plus hip abductors which are essential for avoiding injury.


Hurdles will prove to be an important part of the program design of any player in case he wants to increase his agility and explosive speed on the ice.

The amount of double leg and single leg jumping variations which one can perform here are unlimited and it is appropriate for conditioning, speed, as well as workouts which are agility-based.

While the majority of the hockey training equipment can perform only one thing, it will be nice to have a tool which can help you in at least 3 of the most significant areas in terms of hockey performance.


Training with stability balls will enable you to stimulate your hips, core, stabilizing muscles, and hamstrings more effectively as compared to several other training modalities.

At present, lots of ice hockey training comes with an entire protocol which is solely dedicated to core training by making use of a stability ball.

A lot of tools were not able to stand the test of time; however, the stability balls were not one of them. Instead, it has been found by research that stability balls are extremely effective within a comprehensive ice hockey conditioning and strength program.


Apart from the above-mentioned ice hockey training equipment, there are several more which we have not mentioned in this article. While training, you must bear in mind that you do not require a considerable amount of cash for training to turn out to be a great hockey player.

You simply need determination and passion for the game and also you need this training equipment mentioned above. They will definitely help you significantly to improve skills and become more disciplined as well as a better hockey player.