Guide To Gymnastics Training For Kids

Gymnastics is by far one of the most elegant and difficult hobbies that kids can engage in. Young gymnasts look gymnastics training for kidsvery cool as they do spins, casts, handstands, splits, and round offs.

If you’re aiming to make your kid special compared to others, try gymnastics. It won’t only boost athletic capabilities but confidence, discipline, and mindset as well.

Allow me to give you a brief guide about gymnastics training for kids. Topics that I’ll discuss will be about why gymnastics is good, common myths about gymnastics for kids, important considerations, and simple gymnastics equipment for beginners that you need to have at home.

Why Gymnastics?

So why gymnastics when there’s are other simpler hobbies that your kid can engage with? Gymnastics isn’t simple indeed. Nevertheless, it’s a sport that helps with the development of your child. Furthermore, the skills that it teaches are very practical.

First and foremost, gymnastics help your kid get better bodily awareness and coordination. Coordination isgymnastics training for kids crucial while growing up because it helps your child move better. In a real-life scenario, having bodily awareness and coordination prevents accidents that are caused by awkward movements and slow reflexes.

There’s also the element of focus. All gymnasts have great concentration. It’s because an accident might occur if their mind wanders while doing a routine. Distractions are fatal in gymnastics. This is why it has various exercises that promote focus.

Gymnastics also prepares your child for other hobbies. For example, coordination, speed, and power are useful for children who also want to engage in basketball, skateboarding, and other sports.

Gracefulness, another crucial skill that gymnastics teaches, gives your child an edge whenever he or she wants to pursue dancing.

Finally, there’s also a “cool” factor that your child enjoys while learning gymnastics. Not all kids can perform backward flips, forward rolls, splits, casts, etc. Therefore, letting your child learn these showy kinds of stuff isn’t bad.

Common Myths That Parents Have About Gymnastics

1. My Kid is Only 6 Years Old. Therefore, She’s Too Young To Start Training

gymnastics trainingI don’t know what to say about this one. However, you should know that coaches recommend children to learn gymnastics at 5 or 6 if they want to build a career with it. Some even start as early as 2.

However, 2-year-olds only do preparatory pieces of training compared to the more serious movements that are taught to 5- 6-year-old kids.

In case you don’t know, professionals gymnasts perform level 10 routines and beyond. Therefore, level 6 is hard already.

2. Only Children With Short Physique Can Learn Gymnastics. Therefore, I Should Consider Exposing My Tall Child to Other Hobbies

Height has nothing to do with gymnastics. The weight does though. Therefore, tall kids can learn gymnastics so long as their body proportion isn’t abnormal and their BMI (Body Mass Index) isn’t bad.

People think that short people find it easier to do routines. This isn’t true. After all, mastery depends on practice and the perseverance to learn.

3. Males find it hard to learn gymnastics

I don’t know where this came from but this is not true. Males are as good as females when it comes to gymnastics.gymnastics training People have this misconception that gymnastics is a girls sport because only females do well with it.

Famous male gymnasts debunk this. Takahashi Ono, Akinori Nakayama, and Alexander Dityatin are some famous male gymnasts that are quite good.

4. Gymnastics Training Results in Serious Injuries. Therefore, I Shouldn’t Let My Child Do It

There’s a nugget of truth to this. Your child may be injured. However, this is only the case if you enroll him or her in a bad gymnastics training institution.

Trainers know the importance of minimizing risks. That’s why they teach kids proper relaxation, positioning, and movement before proceeding to teach specific routines.

Do Online Gymnastics Training Work?

I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard about websites offering online gymnastics training at a cheaper rate. Some even come free for the first few months. As a result, you might get interested to try them out.

A word of advice: don’t get deceived because gymnastics training is done in an actual setup to ensure the safety of children.

There are various reasons why online classes won’t work. First, gymnastics routines can’t be learned by imitation alone no matter how easy they are.

gymnastics trainingEach routine in gymnastics has an underlying theory that’s crucial for perfect execution. It involves the whole body. It’s not like the piano where a child can just follow the keys, shown on the screen, to imitate a sound.

Second is that online classes only teach the most basic and useless stuff. Proper gymnastics training for kids require equipment that helps them develop speed, power, and flexibility.

And third, the actual contact with the instructor is crucial. Only real interaction allows a gymnastics instructor to pinpoint the bad habits that a kid might do while performing a routine. Recognizing bad habits is important because they might lead to injuries later on when left unaddressed

What Are The Qualities of A Great Gymnastics Instructor?

So how do you know if an instructor sucks or does well?

Here are some things that you need to ponder about when looking for a good gymnastics instructor for your kid.

A Good Gymnastics Instructor Is Patient

It’s normal for kids to play around when peers are nearby. As a result, the first 3 weeks of gymnastics training can gymnastics trainingbe quite chaotic. During this timeframe, one needs to be composed to impose authority on the class without offending anyone. Only patient instructors can do this.

Also, gymnastics isn’t something that kids can learn in one session. An instructor needs to be patient so that he or she won’t think about giving up on the students. After all, the least that you want to happen is to have your child have someone saying ” you have no talent, get out of here!”.

A Good Gymnastics Instructor Is One Has Built A Name For Him or Herself

It’s great if your kids learns gymnastics under an instructor who has won several local or national competitions. Things are even better if you decide to pick an instructor that managed to enter international events.

gymnastics training for kidsLooking for credibility is crucial. It ascertains that your child is following the instructions of someone who really knows the ins and outs.

A Good Gymnastics Instructor Is Meticulous and Careful

The smallest movements are important when it comes to executing routines. This is why an instructor who notices the smallest details is golden.

It’s because he or she can easily correct awkward movements that your child may do while executing a routine. Awkward movements are dangerous because they might lead to long term injuries.

How Much Is Gymnastics Training For Kids and How Long Does A Session Last?

Gymnastics training institutions have varying rates. Nevertheless, the average should be $200 or $400 per month. Some might be even more expensive because they request famous gymnasts to teach. Aside from this, additional charges might also apply. Some like to place fees for equipment, the hourly rate of the instructor, etc.

A session lasts for three hours. Even so, your kid might have to spend the whole day with the instructor. It’s gymnastics training for kidsbecause the session might be divided into different classes which take place in the morning and the afternoon. Warm-up classes start in the morning. On the other hand, lessons and practical training take place in the afternoon.

I’m sure that you’re dying to ask how long will it take for your kid to do fancy flips and rolls. To answer, your child has to attend sessions consistently for 1 and a half years before showing incredible results.

If you’re wondering how long will it take to perform like a pro, expect that your child might have to train for at least 5-10 years.

Gymnastics Training Equipment For Kids?

Kids can opt to train at home after having a session. Nevertheless, training at home is only possible if you decide to buy gymnastics training equipment. Here are the top pieces of equipment that you need to buy:

* Gymnastics mat – this is useful for preventing feet, arm, hand, and back injuries

gymnastics training* Low balance beam – this prepares your kid for the real balance beam at the gym

* Weights – useful for exercises that develop power and strength

* Minibars – useful for developing agility and coordination


Gymnastics Training is a fun and effective method for keeping your child away from spending a lot of time with gadgets. It’s a holistic activity that doesn’t only develop the physique but the mind as well. Let your kid engage in gymnastics now.

He or she might be hesitant at first but will learn to love it eventually.