Fitness Battle Ropes-Workout The Whole Body

When you want to increase your strength and power then you might have come across several popular fitness equipment made of iron. But have you ever thought that a rope can help you in making your come dreams true?

A Battle rope workout system provided by FireBreather can help you in getting a lean and strong body in 20 minutes only.

These Fitness battle ropes can help in losing your weight effectively by doing fast busting and more intense workouts.

The Exercises with Battle Ropes can provide the best workout for your entire body. The information provided here can be helpful for the Battle Rope Workout Beginners.


FireBreather has introduced a unique workout system, Battle Rope, to help those who want to lose their weight and shape their body as soon as possible. The whips of this rope can help you in fulfilling your dreams by allowing you to shape your body in less than 20 minutes.

The full-body workout provided by these ropes can be an amazing experience not only for beginners but for seasoned fitness freaks as well.

These workouts were used by artists of mixed martial arts, football players, and high-end athletes of the world as a secret weapon for many years. They used to use these battle rope workouts to keep their entire body fit and lean.


Fitness Battle Ropes

FireBreather has introduced a kit of Battle Rope along with a foldable poster as well as equipment for a full-body workout for doing fitness exercises for CrossFit training in your home gym.

For strength training they have introduces heavy battling ropes made from poly Dacron.


The main features of Battle Rope by FireBreather include:

1.Foldable poster for a workout: This poster can be used as an illustrated guide by providing step-by-step illustrations to train you in the right manner.

From start to finish it will explain every routine so that you can understand them easily.

To provide you the most efficient and fastest results some of the best real trainers have designed this poster to introduce you with 30 best exercises.

2.Set of anchor strap and protective sleeve : The set of protective sleeves and anchor strap provided with this kit can help you in using this Battle Rope for a long time by connecting the anchor strap at weighted or fixed points.

Fitness Battle RopesSo to protect your rope from the marks of struggle and friction you need not spend any extra money. You can easily extend the life of your Battle Rope.

3.Lean and strong body in 20 minutes: You can get the best shape of your body by using these Battle Ropes.

It can provide you a strong and lean body in just 20 minutes by improving your cardio, burn fat, and gaining muscles by doing the intensive work out of your entire body.

In shorter sessions of exercises, it also allows you to work on your lower, core, and upper body to achieve your goals as soon as possible.

4.Suitable for any level of fitness: Though this Battle Rope allows you to do intense workouts but it can be used safely by anyone regardless of their gender and level of fitness.

They allow you to do more powerful exercises as they are heavy due to their thickness and length. You can find Battle Rope 30 feet to 50 feet long as per your requirement.

5.Money-Back Guarantee: FireBreather has designed its Battle Ropes made of poly Dacron to make them completely the toughest ropes.

They ensure to return your money back if you are not satisfied with its results. The entire money you have paid to buy this rope will be refunded to you.


When you have purchased the Battle rope offered by FireBreather then you will have to find the ways to use it to make your dreams come true.

You can achieve your fitness goals by starting with its workout sessions suggested in the folding poster provided with it.

Total Body trainingThe package of Battle Rope includes everything including the best CrossFit training program required to prove you a strong and lean body in just 20 minutes.

You can follow these training sessions to challenge your abs, core, shoulders, legs, and arms as well as your entire body with the help of its full-body workout plans.

Along with making you strong, it will also improve your cardio health.

Everyone including men and women can use Battle Rope regardless of your fitness level. It will help you in improving your fitness to the next level within a few minutes.

It will help in losing weight, burning fat, improving mobility, getting strong, increasing stamina and building resistance, etc. by using it regularly.

Along with doing workouts with Battle Rope, you can also enjoy using them. You can actively use this rope to keep

Fitness Battle Ropes

Fitness Battle Ropes

you fit and strong unlike the static movements done while working out on barbells to lift them and lowering them.

The changing movements you do in this training program can provide you an unmatched experience as compared to other weight loss workout programs.

Instead of working on static treadmills or lifting weights, you can slam, drag, or whip these ropes to improve your fitness and strength.

In this way, Battle Rope is the perfect equipment for the training of men and women with all levels of fitness.


It can be more challenging for you if the length of Battle Rope is more than it will make it heavier as well. But if you work out in a smaller space then a shorter rope can be suitable for you even if it may not be very flexible.

Battle RopesYou must have enough space to use half of this rope in a straight line as at an anchor point it has to be folded in half to use it effectively. So to use a 50 feet long rope you must have a clear space of at least 25 feet.

Approximate weight of battle ropes can vary with their length as the weight of a 1.5” thick and 30 feet long rope can be nearly 18 lbs whereas of 40 feet long rope of same thickness can be 24 lbs. However, the weight of 1.5” thick and 50 feet long rope can be approximately 30 lbs.


1.Unlimited workout with a foldable poster: FireBreather has provided a foldable poster with the package of Battle Rope to keep you entertained throughout the training session instead of boring you.

You can use this poster as a bonus to train with yourself with new exercises instead of repeating the same set of exercises every day.

2.Workout wherever you want with anchor set: Another bonus provided with these Battle Ropes is anchor attachments with the help of which you can anchor your rope to a tree, or a weight bench in your gym to start working out anytime and anywhere.

Fitness Battle Ropes

In this way, it is the best workout equipment which you can use outdoors as well as in your home gym very easily. So after buying this workout equipment you can set your workout schedule wherever and whenever you want.

It also includes a carabiner made of stainless steel and 2 anchor straps made of heavy-duty materials to make the things easier to workout wherever you want.

3.Maximum durability with protection sleeves: The package of Battle Rope also includes protection sleeves made of 100% poly Dacron to increase the durability of the rope by making it resistant to wear and increasing its safety from the stress of battle and friction.

These protection sleeves will allow you to use this rope for a long time to keep you fit and strong.

The Battle Rope for total fitness.

Thus, the Battle Rope introduced by FireBreather can help you in improving your health to the next level by using it as a workout device.

It is the best product for the groups as well as individuals to work on resistance training and improving their cardio training.

Fitness Battle RopesIt will promote the tissues of your lean muscles and improve your patience by working on your arms, shoulders, back, triceps, abdomen, and legs.

You can do intensive exercise of your full body by wiping this rope vigorously in different waving motions.

On the whole, it is the best workout equipment as compared to the different types of fitness machines used traditionally like training sled, abs benches, and weight benches, etc.

Battle ropes are available in red, blue, and black colors and 30 feet to 50 feet in length to choose from as per your suitability. Thus, this rope can provide you lasting pace and vigor than it is made of the most durable and lasting materials.