Cricket Training Aids

Various types of CRICKET TRAINING AIDS are used to train budding cricketers for national and international matches. With the technological advances during the last few decades, much advancement has been made in CRICKET COACHING AIDS to make the training more useful for the cricketers than ever.

While preparing the players for national or international games the CRICKET TRAINING EQUIPMENT is used according to the age and level of experience of the players in that group. In order to improve and maintain the potential of the players the equipment used for their training is regularly updated. The types of equipment used to maintain the fitness and practice of the players are listed here under for your consideration.


While training the players for batting in the net practice sessions correct protective batting equipment has to be used to avoid injury while teaching them the correct techniques of playing strokes. On the day of match, the players must have equipment including helmet, bats, arm guard, gloves, leg pads, thigh guard, and box guard in their kit.

Tees or cones are also used by some coaches to make it easy for the batman to focus on his posture at the crease and aim at the direction of the shot. The shoes used by the players should have spikes to provide adequate grip on the pitch and enough protection to the toe.


In the market new equipment for bowling, training is regularly introduced these days so that players can use the latest technology to push the boundaries. Various types of bowling machines are used these days for training batsmen. Some of these machines throw deliveries of particular types to train a batsman for a different level of cricket.

AUTOMATIC BOWLING MACHINES: These are strongly built classic style machines that are used for practicing batting by using tennis balls, and standard cricket balls to deliver seam, pace, and swing bowling. A car battery is used to power these machines to change the speed of bowling for different types of batsman, inexperienced, intermediate, or seasoned. They are normally used in cricket clubs.

ATMOSPHERIC BOWLING MACHINES: The operation of these bowling machines is different from other machines used for this purpose. The rotor has slots to hold balls and a trap door mechanism is used to throw the ball at the height of the arm of a bowler by building up and releasing air pressure.

COMPUTERIZED BOWLING MACHINES: The industrial production of these machines is still at the stage of development so that it can provide various types of bowling options. The programmable mechanism used in these machines will make them comparatively easier to use and look like the hand of a virtual bowler projected on a screen reaches the hole to deliver the ball to the batsman.

Though the machines used earlier were more reliable but they offer limited options for the players as they have a single configuration to operate. Moreover, the latest machines are more useful for the players as they are controlled by computers to give deliveries of different types. The development of the latest bowling machines can make it more interesting to see the changes in the world of cricket.


In order to learn of the art of fielding heavy practice on basic drills and skills is required. It is extremely important for the fielders to catch balls and save runs during a game. Today various types of equipment options are used to provide training of fielding, throwing, and catching balls.

BALLS AND BAT: They are used for hitting a ball to the players in an open field so that players on the field can move around and use the right technique to stop to catch the ball.

GLOVES USED FOR BASEBALL: Baseball gloves are used by many coaches to get the ball quickly from the players on the field during general practice or over the wickets. It can speed up the action in drills and skills as the hands protected by these gloves can capture and throw the ball quickly to the players on the field.

REBOUND NET: This net can be used as a tool to test the catching practice and reactions of the players. It can help in testing the coordination of the eyes and hands of the players depending upon their as well as the team’s situation.


For cricket players as well as coaches, fitness is most important like in other sports. Today various types of equipment can be used by the players to keep them fit throughout the day of the game.

WHISTLES: Cricket coaches normally use whistle during drills and skills training to attract the attention of the players. A whistle can also be used for different purposes during a training session like indicating stoppages or time combination etc.

SPEED LADDERS: Coaches normally use them in outdoor and indoor practice sessions to teach the techniques of correct placement of the foot and increasing flexibility and speed of the players. Players also use these ladders as a fitness tool to improve their stamina.

CONES: During practice sessions, cones in various colors are essentially used for learning various types of drills and skills.


Various types of technologies are used these days in cricket as the game progresses. One of these technologies can be a video camera that can be used by the coaches during practice sessions to record the techniques of individual players to improve the techniques of other players or to track the progress or change the technique of the same player.

Televisions can also be used as technology during a training session to teach different playing styles to the players by watching and assessing the techniques used by the players to win national or international matches.

In this way, various types of CRICKET TRAINING AIDS available these days can help in improving the skills of the promising players. New and innovative CRICKET COACHING AIDS can be expected in near future with the increase in technological developments.

It is important not only for coaches but for players also to update their information about the latest CRICKET TRAINING EQUIPMENT available in the market to improve their performance in the coming matches.