Badminton Training Tips

Have you just started practicing badminton? Have you never picked up a racket before and are afraid of getting injured quickly? Your physical shape is not ideal and you want to be able to get the most out of your badminton training and matches?

If you find yourself in any of these circumstances, you have nothing to worry about. Then we will help you solve them and start your badminton adventure with the best of sensations.

Badminton is considered to be the little brother of tennis, as it is much easier to play and the physical effort involved is twice as much.

However, that does not mean that those who practice it does not play sports or must follow a series of steps to play correctly; badminton also requires technique and effort, so we must also take it seriously if we want to play well.

It is very common to observe how adults are injured prematurely practicing this sport, especially lumbar or back injuries, since seeing it so simple and suitable for all ages we trust and leave aside all the previous steps that any sport needs to be carried out without risk.

Next, to help you better understand how badminton works, avoid all kinds of injuries and learn all the basic tricks that this wonderful English sport has, we are going to give you some Badminton Training Tips that will make you become an expert in this sport in just a few weeks.


Here we go!




This advice may seem too obvious to you, but the truth is that many people overlook it and end up suffering the consequences. Badminton, like tennis or paddle, is a sport that requires a lot of agility and resistance, being especially necessary for this that we have the muscles well-prepared for the changes in pace and posture that we will need to get properly hit the wheel.

Therefore, before any training or match we must carry out a complete warm-up of at least 15 minutes. The warm-up should consist of two parts: start by doing a couple of laps of the court with a gentle trot and then continue with the stretching of the legs, arms and back. This way our body will warm up and we will avoid absurd beginner’s injuries.


Having a good grip of our racquet in badminton is crucial, as it will depend on whether we can hit the wheel with total precision. If our hand is small, we should look for a small and tighter grip that allows us to hold the handle easily, while if we have a larger hand, we should look for a grip that fits our size.

It is important not to confuse the grip with holding the handle with too much force; it is about being able to have total control with the handle’s wrist, so that we can comfortably perform all kinds of fast movements.


Badminton is a sport designed to be carried out indoors, this is so. While it is true that there are more and more options that allow us to practice it outdoors, such as the beach, a park or the garden of our house, it is always best to play it in places that are not exposed to the changes of weather outside.

And you may ask yourself: why can’t I play this racket sport outdoors, if tennis is always played in open-air stadiums? Very simple, because the wheel with which you play badminton has the weight of a feather and a simple spring breeze could make you change direction and spoil our fun.

Therefore, if we can always play badminton inside closed sports facilities and prepared to withstand any kind of weather, better.


If you want to win as many games as possible, the best game tactic you can adopt is to always play in a central position, that is, to move to hit the midfielder and quickly return to the center of the playing area to wait for the next move of the opponent. This way, your opponent will not be able to surprise you so easily and you will be able to hit more easily every time.

A good way to practice this position is to train with the help of a badminton training machine, which will not keep throwing flyers that we will have to keep hitting.


If there is a word that serves to define the essence of badminton, it is this: unpredictable. The movements that the most experienced badminton players carry out are always characterized by their speed and precision, but above all by their ability to surprise the opponent and leave him out of the game.

As it happens many times in tennis, a winning stroke that leaves the other player in his position is what can make the difference between being a champion or not.

However, if we want to be prepared to carry out these changes of pace and be able to respond to our opponents’ rapid offensives, we will also have to train very hard so that our body can be in condition to play at that level.


Being a beginner doesn’t mean that you can’t plan your game strategies and want to analyze your opponents in depth; strategy is the key in this type of sport and the one that will lead you many times to lift a result against and put it back in your favor.

Choose a style of play and make it your own, this way your opponents will have to work much harder to beat you and overcome your strengths.


As in other sports, it is necessary that after carrying out a training or a badminton match you carry out a slight process of muscular cooling. In this way our body will not make such abrupt changes and will gradually reduce its activity, and not in one go.

To cool down we can do the same as for the warm up, being even more important to carry out some light stretching of the areas that we notice more fatigue; this process will make the difference between injuring ourselves or not.