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Hello everyone and welcome to Tony’s Sports Training Equipment. Since I was about 11 years old, sports was and still a big part of my life. As well as training and exercising to be just the best I can be at what ever could be in what ever sports I choose to participate in. of course I never became that GREAT sports Athlete I wanted to become, I decided to get and stay into training and taking care of body.


I was born in Macon Georgia, from the project (Enterprise Homes) where I became interested in sports around 8, but didn’t participate until I was 11 years, where I played baseball and football in the 7th grade. The baseball team went winless and the football team went undefeated. Well as I progress through my years I never participated in school sports again, to this day I really can’t explain why.

About a year later I join the military, and this time I decided to compete in sports program again while in the service. This time I played more Basketball than baseball and football. After about 5 years the dream had to be put aside and focus on being a soldier (Be All You Can Be) GO ARMY!

As I move forward in life within the military, I got more in to weight lifting and running, not only that I also was designated to become a physical instruction, learning more about training the body for any and all challenges comes along in a strong physical mind set.



I think someone who can understand what it means to be at your highest level of physical fitness is the greatest confidence for any person as we deal with life challenges.

I’ll try my best to provide and must reviews/information as I possibly can in order to assist along the way.

Total Body Workout



I would like to assist with anyone whom desire in becoming that top-notch training person and just building the best body you can.

All the best,


Founder of Tony Sports Training Equipment